Project site

Old-Drava oxbow is some kilometre upstream Barcs on the left side of the river. It is available on off-road via agriculture lands. The easiest way to get there from Barcs railway station is to follow the asphalt road to west, toward the gas pump station (app. 4 km). To reach the oxbow you should cross the railway, and follow the dirt road on right hand side. After 200 metres you will see the starting point of Black Poplar study trail.  

The upper section of Old-Drava can also be reached from Péterhida village. In the centre of village you should turn south and follow the road till you cross the railway, then turn left and follow the dirt road parallel with railway app. 1 km, to reach the upper side of the project area.

On the rigth side of the oxbow, between the oxbow and the Drava is the settlement of Kriznica. This village is available by ferry or via a pedestrian bridge across the river. The easiest way to get to the Old-Drava from Kriznica is to using existing roads and field paths between farmland.